Services & Fees

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care

Specializing in the Palmer Method, a renowned collection of precise and effective chiropractic techniques

Targeted Stretching and Exercise Programs

Common sense approach to improving structural stability

On-Site Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Offering great benefit to both the employer and the employees
  • Includes convenient, on-site chiropractic care, health workshops, as well as individual postural and ergonomic analysis, all designed to improve overall health
  • No fee for the employer and affordable fees for the employees

Postural and Ergonomic Evaluations

Designed to detect and correct lifestyle weaknesses


Lectures and Workshops

Mastering the fundamentals of various health topics


Frequency Fee System

  • Designed to encourage regular, consistent care, allowing chiropractic care to work most effectively
  • Fees are determined by how often your visits are needed. The more frequent the visits, the lower the fee for each visit
  • Additional considerations for multiple patients at the same location
  • We are an out of network practice but will be happy to provide documentation for potential insurance reimbursement


If you prefer an office environment, please feel free to visit our Manhattan location in the beautiful upper West Side neighborhood of Hudson Heights, just blocks from The Cloisters.

630 Fort Washington Ave. , Suite 1J
New York, NY  10040
Friday:  4pm – 7pm
Saturday:  10am – 1pm

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