Ergonomics is the study of how people interact with the equipment in their environment. 
Chiropractic is a branch of health care specifically designed  to detect and correct structural weaknesses of the spine in an effort to improve the overall performance of the spine and nerve system.  
Health is a state of wholeness in which all of the organs, tissues and cells of the body are functioning at 100%. The key is function, which is controlled and coordinated by the brain and nerve system throughout the entire body. 
The spine is a series of vertebrae extending from the skull to the small of the lower back, enclosing and protecting the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots. 
The main connection has to do with the key roles both play in reducing the negative physical effects of gravity on the spine. These complimentary methods work effectively to substantially improve the health and stability of the spine. 


  • Equipment positioning
  • Extended sitting
  • Telephone use
  • Prolonged standing
  • Periodic lifting
  • Posture
  • Stretches
  • Exercises


  • Mattress
  • Pillow
  • Sofa
  • Telephone use
  • TV position
  • Waking, sleeping posture
  • Infant/Toddler care 
  • Home office  
  • Stretches


My name is Dr. Joe LoCascio, DC. I’ve been a doctor of chiropractic since 1980. My specialty over all these years has been the spine, its relationship to the nerve system and the impact of that relationship on overall health. 
The concepts discussed have become even more relevant since the onset of the pandemic. Our lifestyles have changed dramatically. Spending so much more time at home with personal and work related activities has created a dramatic increase in physical and emotional stress. Our reactions can have a profound impact on our health. We need to respond with simple and consistent activities that can counteract stress in all its forms. 
The information that follows in this and future blogs will result in steady improvement with the basic elements of our lifestyles. Remember, keep it simple and consistent!